November 1, 2019

The End of a Weaving

Finished with this "experiment" this week; my first time sewing and cutting a weaving. 
The fringe didn't turn out like I had planned, but I think it looks pretty good like it is.

It was a lot harder than I anticipated sewing a seam on something this thick~ I decreased my presser foot pressure but it still wouldn't go through. Finally I lowered the feed dogs and just started "pushing" it through my machine and it seemed to work.
I'm already planning my next weaving project, 
and it probably won't include any sewing.

We're finally having fall temperatures here... it was 34 this morning, and a fire felt awfully good to knock the chill off.
Tug has figured this out, too and wouldn't move long enough for me to open the stove door to put more wood inside. 

Also, I turned 50 last weekend...  

The years have flown by so fast it's still hard to believe... 
but I'm just thankful to have made it this far!

I'm off to put a loaf of bread in my bread machine... I sure don't need to eat it but I make it because I love the way the house smells. (Yeah, right!) 
Happy Weekend!


  1. Paula, this is beautiful! I know so little about weaving; I had no idea you could make a garment. I have trouble with my pressure foot not allowing the feed dogs to pull fabric over a thick seam. I've tried lowering the feed dogs but nothing moves. Perhaps I need to decrease the pressure on the foot?

    We had a really big frost this morning. Bringing in more wood will be the next farm chore I suppose.

    1. Thanks, Charlotte! I’ve never really tinkered with my presser foot much either... but even on the lowest setting it still wouldn’t go through. I think the biggest problem was the yarn was a little sticky and kept getting caught under the foot. I was so afraid I would snag it and pull it apart! I just pushed it through really slowly and finally got it done~ but I probably won’t try that again any time soon!

  2. Paula, I saw your comment at Calamity Acres, I have not seen your blog in FOREVER and you were one of the first I ever followed! I'm so glad to find you again!

  3. Hello Mary Ann! Good to hear from you!!

  4. Happy belated birthday.

    The sweater sure is beautiful.

    Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Tug, you have the right idea with the cold weather finally coming around. We hope you had a wonderful 50th birthday celebration. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful rest of your week.
    World of Animals

  6. I hope you are well and will have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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